Transformational Speaker - #iSpeak

As an International Speaker l have had the pleasure of sharing my testimony to transform and empower women so they are unapologetically Authentic, boldly transition into their Purpose and begin to impact the lives of women they are divinely connected to through business ventures. 

Unlock Your CAPP


Wandering in the unknown was too familiar for me. I felt the nudging in my gut but had no idea what it was. Day after day I longed for peace, to be happy, to be me; yet, I was too busy wearing the mask of who everyone else expected me to be. But then it happened - I began to seek God fervently. Asking questions like "who am I?", "why am I here?" "what are these feelings I keep having?"

 I had no idea how ready I needed to be when God started answering the questions I had asked. Little by little, He began to walk me through my process of transformation that allowed me to unlock my CAPP!

Beyond Fierce


For far too long I decreased my greatness due to the insecurities of those around me. Then one day I had an epiphany; I realized, I have a divine assignment with great responsibility attached.  There were lives to be transformed. I had no more time to play small and no time to waste. I had to get to work, fiercely; heck, I knew I had to get beyond fierce... 

Forgiveness Matters


After almost losing my life, at the hands of the one who claimed to love me most, I was angry and hurt, to say the least. 

As time progressed I found myself getting more and more angry. It was consuming my thoughts. I turned back to my old way of life trying to force the anger down but there was no more room. There was already too much boiling deep down on the inside.

 When I couldn't take it anymore, sitting on the floor crying uncontrollably, I screamed out "WHY WON'T THIS PAIN STOP?" as I sobbed I could hear a voice ever so softly and gently say "You must forgive!" .....

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